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Aston Hill Bike Park Closure

Aston Hill MTB Bike Park Closed

Aston Hill Bike Park Closed – It’s dissapointing that Aston Hill Bike Park is still closed following the notice to do so on 16th December 2020.

We are now 9 months on and Forestry England appear to have made little or no progress for this much loved local bike park.

The notice reads:

Following a recent tree safety assessment at Aston Hill Bike Park, which has identified a large number of ash trees with Chalara ash dieback, we have made the decision to temporarily close the bike park until tree felling works have been completed to remove the worst affected trees.

We hope that Forestry England can get this sorted in the very near future but please email them at membership@forestryengland.uk to express your views on this and also Aston Hill MTB Park.

Aston Hill MTB park is a great local resource for all Mountain Bikers.

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